Hello, world! I'm Steph.

I am a full-time Software Engineer passionate about connecting the world through technology.


Do you ACTUALLY work in tech?

YES! I am a developer at Amazon. Before that, I was a Software Engineer at SONY. I've also worked at startups, freelanced, taught other people how to code, and spoken at conferences and events all over the US.

Do you have a computer science degree?

NOPE! But luckily CS majors don't have a monopoly on being curious OR building cool stuff. I graduated from UCLA with a Geography and Environmental Science degree. I've worked at 3 companies as a full time developer and honestly my imposter syndrome (based on not having a CS degree) has been a bigger hurdle than my lack of a CS degree.

Should I learn how to code?

SURE! I strongly believe anyone CAN learn to code, but I know that not everyone who learns ENJOYS it. There are plenty of other jobs in tech to explore that may be a better fit based on your strengths and interests.

What language should I learn?

Logic is the same no matter what language you are programming in. That said, you should probably pick something marketable. Do your research and find out what stack companies in your area are using. My current favorite stack 🥞is TypeScript, React, GraphQL, and Node.js + taking full advantage of AWS for compute, storage, analytics, and out of the box database solutions.

Can you teach me to code?

I have a course in the works! Check back in early 2020. For now, I'll point you towards Wes Bos's Beginner JavaScript course ($89) if you are a total beginner and Stephen Grider's RallyCoding courses ($10 each) if you have a little experience and are looking for a learning path. 

Will you build my website / create an app for me?

I'm not taking on any contract dev work right now, but I'm happy to make an introduction to one of my freelancer friends. 

I still have a burning question! Where can I ask it?

Comment on my latest Instagram post asking your question so that other people have the benefit of seeing it too! I reply to all relevant comments and questions. 

Contact Me

I'm open to speaking at conferences, creating content, and partnering for authentic collaborations with tech-oriented brands. Please use this contact form to let me know what you have in mind.